Acquire Stone Art in support of Teeth Relief


Acquire Stone Art in support of Teeth Relief

Would you like to acquire a hand-made stone relief carving?

Hand-made stone relief carvings are available on a range of subjects and in different materials. Pieces are hand-carved by Sharon Rankin, who is a fine artist specialising in stone relief carving.

If you would like to discuss buying existing artwork or commissioning a bespoke piece, please contact Sharon via email or on 07939 001915.

All proceeds for the sale of Sharon’s artwork on or commissioned through this web site go
to Teeth Relief. 

NUMBER ELEVEN HOUSE NUMBER – Portland Limestone with Gold Leaf – 30cm by 30cm – £120 donated to Teeth Relief

EXTINCT PLANT – Slate – 40cm by 40cm – £300 donated to Teeth Relief

LEAF – Portland Limestone – 50cm by 30cm by 4cm thick (max) – Available

to be supplied

LEAF – side view

STONE BENCH – Portland Limestone – 70cm by 30cm by 40cm high – £400 donated to Teeth Relief

FLOWERS – Portland Limestone – 30cm by 28cm by 2cm – Available

Arabic Calligraphy Collection

Arabic Calligraphy Collection

Subjects include:

  • Company/practice names
    and logos
  • House names and numbers
  • Arabic calligraphy including Islamic words and phrases and names
  • Organic shapes and plants
  • Illusion carving
  • Art pieces

Materials include:

  • Limestone –
    polished and unpolished
  • Slate
  • Gold, silver and copper leaf and stone paint for lettering and highlighting.

Calligraphy Stone Art

LA ILAHA ILLALLAH MUHAMMADUR RASULULLAH – “There is no God but Allah and Mohammed is his Messenger” – Portland Limestone and Gold Leaf and Paint – 40cm x 20cm – Availabe

AL-RAHMAN, AR-RAHEEM – “The Most Gracious, the Most Merciful” – Portland Limestone and gold leaf – 28cm x 28cm – Available

SOUL – Dark Green Limestone and Copper Leaf – 18cm by 14.5cm – Available