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Book Aid International is the UK’s leading international book donation and library development charity. Every year, the charity aims to ship around one million brand new books to thousands of communities where people have very few opportunities to access books and read.

Book Aid International works with an extensive network of libraries, schools, hospitals, NGOs and other partners to ensure that the books it sends are accessible to all. The charity estimates that the books it provides reach 24 million people every year.

Teeth Relief works with Book Aid International to ensure that the Oral Health Manual is distributed to where it is needed in the world. The relationship between our two organisations began in 2017. Manuals were distributed through Book Aid International partners in a variety of countries such as Nepal, Kenya, Cameroon and Malawi.

Teeth Relief Manual ready for shipping with other medical books

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Here are some of the manual feedback comments we received:

FAFA Medical Training College in Kenya
“The book is extremely resourceful to the course complete with photographs. It is helpful to students pursuing clinical medicine and nursing.”

Kenya National Library Services ( KNLS)
“Books on dental health are very rare over here and this is one of the few that is going to enrich our collections”. (Allocated to 9 libraries).”

Malawi National Library Service
“Yes, the book is very useful especially to Institutions like Malawi Health Sciences, Nkhoma Nursing School, Deayang Nursing School.”


Cameroon Education Information Services International – EISERVI
“This manual is of immense value and an invaluable guide and resource book for families, professionals and even hospitals. It is handy, readymade, affordable and a feasible resource that addresses most of the day to day dental problems among people in the communities. Easy to use at all levels – home, community health units, the hospitals and with the professionals. Teeth Relief goes to the point and provides the solution to the problem. It is a practical must read and must have for every home, hospital and dental clinic.”


Hospital Director Cameroon
“I have read this book page by page. It makes an interesting read and as a dental patient I got tips that have helped solve my dental problems from reading this book in my local library.”


Oral Health Manual

Oral Health Manual

Training Manual for clinical workers

Teeth Relief works with Book Aid International to ensure that the Oral Health Manual is distributed to where it is needed in the world.

To be able to donate hard copies of the Teeth Relief manual at no cost to Book Aid International we have to raise funds. Please consider helping us by making a donation.