Producing Teaching Material


Producing, Collecting and Signposting Teaching Material

We have produced, collected and signposted useful educational resources that can be used as teaching material.

In support of low resource settings we have produced our Oral Health Manual, designed to help train local healthcare workers in oral healthcare prevention, promotion and treatment. The manual is available in English, Spanish and French, as downloadable PDF files.

We are also building up other educational resources to supplement the Manual. We are working on making available a variety presentation slides and images to assist in teaching. We also identify other providers of teaching material that might complement our offering.

To see all available teaching resources visit the section >>> Teaching Material

The following are some of the main Teeth Relief Teaching Material:

Oral Health Manual
Clear, comprehensive and well-illustrated manual, available in English, French and Spanish, providing teaching support for healthcare professionals in low resource settings. Currently we are raising funds for hard copy reprint of the manual. See

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Common Oral Conditions_Video_screenshotCommon Oral Conditions
Video providing concise overview of oral conditions that may frequently present in developing countries by highly experienced oral healthcare professional

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Oral Diagnosis  – The Clinician’s Guide
Succinct guide to history-taking, diagnosis and testing for oral diseases and trauma, written by leading academics for dentists and dental undergraduates, and available as a download.

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Do you want to get involved

We are always looking for volunteers to support us directly or to help other organisations that use our teaching material.
There are three main areas in which you can volunteer your time:

  • Producing, collecting and signposting teaching material
  • Delivering training at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM)
  • Carrying out valuable support tasks

>> visit our volunteer page to find out more details