Deliverers of Training in Low Resource Countries


Deliverers of Training in Low Resource Countries

See what others are doing in delivering training in low resource countries, which use or have used Teeth Relief’s teaching material:


Grace Medical Foundation   Dr Agbor Michael at the Banso Baptist Hospital uses the Teeth Relief manual in situ to teach dental auxiliaries, and community oral health workers. He says, “the university in Cameroon wants to train community health workers in all the districts of the country and we will need your manual as a guide and may be your technical support or anyone who is willing to be part of the team. I have also used your manual for chair side teaching especially in basic dental care and infection control. My students have been using it for patients’ education at the outpatient department of the hospitals. Your manual has been able to train 23 primary health care workers and 40 dental therapists and 16 dental auxiliaries. I am very happy for your kind gestures and your contribution towards oral health in Cameroon.”

Malawi, Zambia

Teethsavers    Teethsavers aim is to teach simple, inexpensive Dental Care for Children in order to prevent future infections. They currently use the Teeth Relief manual for their work in Zambia and Malawi.

Mozambique and Somalia

Odontologia Solidaria Odontologia Solidaria is a Spanish speaking dental NGO working in Spain, Africa, Asia and Latin America. They currently use the Teeth Relief training manual in Mozambique and Somalia.

Sierra Leone

Better Lives Foundation Better Lives Foundation provides Medical Care in Sierra Leone, that is relevant to the needs of the population. They aim to do this in a long term, sustainable and equitable manner. In order to achieve this BLF is in the process of constructing a Primary Health Care Clinic in Yonibana. Your contact at BLF is Jitesh Patel:


Bridge2Aid Bridge2Aid (B2A) is a charity working in the Mwanza region of North West Tanzania and they use the Teeth Relief Manual to train staff. They work closely with the Tanzanian Government to deliver aspects of their dental strategy, operate a not-for-profit dental clinic in the city of Mwanza, and run a community development programme for resource poor areas.


Flying Dentists Association Flying Dentists Association is an organisation dedicated to promoting dental care in developing regions, working mainly in Suriname.


RunDental   RunDental is a registered Ugandan charity which exists to relieve oral pain through community based oral health promotion, health education and oral urgent treatment. Brian Rushaju, our contact at RunDental says: “The Teeth Relief manuals have been of great importance during our training and our dental school are also interested in using it. So far, we have trained 2,000 project staff and clergy to share Oral Health information and good practice, mainly with disadvantaged children.”

Christian Relief Christian Relief CRU is a Christian charity dedicated to raising a smile in Uganda.


Make a Dentist Make A Dentist (MAD) is a British National Organisation that was initially set up in 2009 under the name of BLUZ by Dentistry students of University of London (Barts and The London). The organisation collects appropriate teaching and clinical equipment from British dental care professionals and distributes these amongst dental students studying in Zimbabwe. For more information please contact the secretary


Dentaid  Dentaid has a mission to enable people of disadvantaged communities to achieve an optimal level of oral health by accessing appropriate, sustainable, primary oral health care services in their community. This is achieved through fostering and supporting worldwide partnerships to deliver equipment, training and education to oral health professionals, thereby improving the oral health of poor and socially disadvantaged communities. To offer clinical equipment to people and organisations that are delivering practical oral healthcare in low resource communities please contact them directly at


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‘Well illustrated, compact and easily readable, the Oral Health Manual deserves a place in the luggage of every dentist who travels to a developing country for a long or short stay.’ W.H. Van Palenstein Helderman, Utrecht

Better Lives Foundation volunteer - Sierra Leone

Better Lives Foundation volunteer teaching oral health promotion in Sierra Leone

Atraumatic Restorative Treatment (ART), Malawi

Atraumatic Restorative Treatment (ART) filling being placed by local health worker, Malawi


The Manual in use at training facilitated by Bridge2Aid in Rwanda

Head Teacher addressing students on Teethsavers Oral Health Standards in Malawi

Head Teacher addressing students on Teethsavers Oral Health Standards in Malawi

RunDental, Uganda: Brian Rushaju

RunDental, Uganda: Brian Rushaju using manual as basis for teaching